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Welcome to Relief Foundation Help Us!

What's Relief Foundation Help Us?

As a little girl I grew up in a small village called Asamag Tamfoe
I also lived in poverty and went to school without shoes. When I came to live here in the Netherlands I had enough clothes and school materials. If I wore clothes that no longer fit me, I sent them to my family in Ghana. They were always happy and even the villagers were benefited from it. Then I decided that I will continue it. In the Netherlands we always throw clothes away when they are too small while poor people desperately need them. To fullfill their needs these well-intentioned idea, the Relief Foundation Help Us arise.

Where does the name Relief Foundation come from?

The name of the organization is based on the Africans who need help. We can all relieve them by helping them. The motivation to continue this project is great, we are going all the way!

At present there are already clothes, shoes and school supplies ready to be sent directly. It is a start and we hope very much that our Foundation will be a great success! Would you help us? Can! For more information see the heading "Also help?". Thanks!

    Before the foundation was established, we sent itself to clothing and school supplies to children in Africa. We gave shoes to children who were walking barefoot, write stuff to those who went to school with empty hands and food to the starving people.
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    Since we do not stand still in our development, you can find the latest news about what our organization does, has done and what else will happen in the future.

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