What are our goals?

The goal of our organization is to help poor people in African countries, Ghana in particular, to assist in life. We want to contribute to poverty reduction in Africa. Hopefully, every family in the future can provide shelter and basic necessities. It was at least as important that the children in Africa has a chance in education. Everybody has a right to?

Why we try to achieve these goals?

By helping poor people in villages around Ghana and other African countries to provide food, shelter, clothing, medicines and school materials and even micro loans to start-ups, we help the lives of the poor in Africa to make more bearable.

The foundation seeks to achieve this goal by:

- Providing basic needs of the people of Ghana, for example by providing clothing, footwear, food and school materials; - The provision of micro credit to start, expand business in Ghana; - Promoting awareness among people for diseases such as HIV / AIDS; - Support for housing for disabled people in Ghana; - Promoting access for citizens to clean drinking water in Ghana; - Support to small farms;

And again, through all legal means open and more specifically by obtaining finance for these tasks and perform activities to do.

Get in touch!

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telephone: 06-26650088e-mail: info@stichtingopluchting.com